Why You Shouldn’t Blame Yourself for Someone Else’s Addiction

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Feeling like I am end of my relationship due to addiction? What can I do to come out of this maze?

Help me!!!

Is this you who has came to our site searching for solution in your life which is ruined due to addictive partner?

Then stop here…

Don’t jump to conclusion

Calm down. Let your mind concentrate on this article which will surely give you some ways to help out.

The things which are causing such issue in your is that you are getting involved with the addictive person and is always thinking about it…and feeling guilty for everything…

But why dear???

You have been taking the burden of a task that is not being done by you or anyhow by you. So what’s so concerning about it…

Let me read your mind… “It’s not as easy as you are telling it”

Ask yourself these 3 questions

OK… that’s not easy… but I hope you can take out some time and have the answers of the following questions?

  • Have you are being involved in the cause of the addiction?

The answer is NO…

But you are into it as you have already been caretakers of the addictive person. Cleaning up the messes, taking the family burdens, trying to getting financial stable and also concerned about how to bring back the person to normal life- all is yours now

All this huge list of To-do is making you feeling depressed…

I would suggest just stop thinking about the next thought that is coming to your mind right now.  Give it a different thought. Come out of the problems by just thinking about them.

  1. Are you having the power to control it?

Again a No from you…

Preventing the drinking at home- continuing at Pub, yelling for being drunk when come back home- no sense to hear to you…

Common things. Even you will find something that has been hidden form you few days back.

So what can you do in that case? Either take the person to the experts medical professionals or quit them.

But never do the mistake of controlling these situations all by you…

All will be in vain… I think you have already tried to control it… but hopefully failed.

So don’t try it again.

  1. Can you cure it?

Same old answer… NO!!!

Yes that’s a fact… addiction is basically not curable. There is no such medicines no such experts who can help you to leave addiction, if the addicted person themselves don’t want.

Substance abuse is fully non curable.

Why try in vain?

So instead of trying it again and again, better focus on yourselves to be positive. That would be a better way to think about your own life. Instead you are detaching with love slowly.

In a nutshell

Hence nothing is on your hand- cause, control or even the cure… so how you come to be responsible for the situation.

Now think about it… you have not caused it so cannot control it and obviously it’s not curable.

Get rid of all these from your mind. In case you need the help of the experts, take that too. but just get free now… you are not at all responsible for the addiction in your dear one’s life.

Now do you know who the actual culprit in this scene is???

It is them who are solely responsible for what they are!!!

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