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When you use medical instruments, you want to make sure that you are using instruments of the highest quality. When you use Bejamin Biomedical, you can be assured that the components of your surgical handpiece repair will be made with OEM specifications. Sterilization repair is used to ensure that all repairs are held to the highest standard. Benjamin Biomedical does repairs on a variety of different instruments, including Phaco handpieces, Ethicon harmonic scalpels, and endoscopy cameras.

Phaco Handpieces

Repairing Phaco handpieces is a breeze for those at Benjamin Biomedical. With 25 years of experience repairing Phaco handpieces, the staff at Benjamin Biomedical has the extensive knowledge and experience needed to repair this medical instrument in the most effective way possible. It is best to repair the Phaco handpiece rather than replacing it entirely. Benjamin Biomedical has a lot of expertise in this area so you can trust them to do the job right.

Ethicon Harmonic Scalpels

The staff at Benjamin Biomedical also has a long history of repairing Ethicon harmonic scalpels. Bejamin Biomedical has nearly 14 years of experience repairing this type of medical instrument and has successfully repaired over 20,000 scalpels.

Endoscopy Cameras

Benjamin Biomedical has over 20 years of experience repairing endoscopy cameras. There are multiple technicians on staff that have OEM camera repair training. Having trained technicians ultimately ensures that all cameras are repaired to original manufacturer specifications. All major brands of cameras can be repaired by Benjamin Biomedical, including Olympus, Stryker, and Dyonics.

Repair Your Medical Device At A Reasonable Rate

Your medical instruments can be repaired at a reasonable price when you choose Benjamin Biomedical. Whether you need your Phaco handpieces repaired or you need your endoscopy camera repaired, Benjamin Biomedical has the services that you need. Just simply submit a work order repair by using the application found on the website.

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