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As you age, you may notice that your teeth become weaker and less reliable. Some of your teeth may be chipped or broken. Others might be missing and make eating and talking difficult.

When you want to restore your full smile, you may want to consider options that go beyond getting dentures. With partials, bridges, and teeth implants chicago residents like you could once again having all of your teeth and a white and healthy smile.

Discovering Implants

You might wonder what implants are and what advantages they can offer to you as a dental patient. As you can read on the website, implants are tooth replacements that are designed to look and feel like real teeth. They are made from materials that are strong and durable so they last for years without breaking, cracking, or showing other signs of damage.

When you visit the website, you can discover from what materials these implants can be made. Depending on your budget and insurance, you could have them crafted from materials like porcelain, cubic zirconia, resin, and even stainless steel.

Once the implants are in your mouth, they should last for upwards of a decade if not longer. You can resume eating and talking like normal without fear of the implants breaking off or suffering damages that could leave you without teeth again.

Learning about the Implant Process

As fascinated as you might be about implants, you might wonder how they are put in your mouth. The website goes into some detail about the overall implant process. As you can read online, the process can take several weeks to complete.

It requires you to undergo several procedures including a possible bone graft in which additional bone will be implanted into your jaw. The process also includes having the studs for the implants transplanted into your gums. After each procedure, you must heal for several weeks before the process can continue.

When you are missing several teeth or have teeth that are severely damaged, you may want to have them replaced. You can learn more about the implant process and what it entails by visiting the website of the dental practice today.

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